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A unique three-day design event for leading non-profits and senior-level creatives.

Desgnit is hosted in cities across the U.S. to address the growing and pressing need for effective communications within the social good space.

Together, we tackle high-stakes projects; launch brands, develop campaigns and do everything we can to amplify the mission of each nonprofit we work with. We invite senior-level creatives and select changemakers to participate in the event.


2018 Desgnit Event Series


Civic engagement, women’s equity, criminal justice reform: Just a few of the social issues we’ve tackled at Desgnit.

For three days, in a beautiful location away from everyday distractions, a select team of 30 senior-level designers and nonprofit leaders work together to design and launch a single time-sensitive campaign. Watch this video to learn more about the model and event format.
Interested in bringing Desgnit to your city?

What you get


  • Opportunity to work on a high-stakes project
  • Valuable design leadership and technical skills
  • Reconnect with the power of design to do good
  • Enhance creativity and boost energy
  • 3 night lodging in beautiful venue + healthy meals

Nonprofit Organizations

  • Tangible design deliverables you can use immediately
  • Dedicated senior creative team to meet your needs
  • Customized strategy workshops + design education
  • Identify pain points and act on them in real time
  • 3 night lodging in beautiful venue + healthy meals

The Desgnit Archive

Each event creates more than $100k in design deliverables. Take a look at what our community has produced at previous Desgnit Events.
“Collaboration is an inherint part of Desgnit. I’ve attended every event in the series, and each year I hone my craft while working with incredible organizations like the ACLU. It’s a memorable experience every designer should have!”
Emily Shields
Senior Visual Designer


Thank you for believing in Desgnit! Your gifts, both in-kind and monetary. have helped make this world–and our people–happier indeed.